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A clothing design creation process

Fashion design is a process of artistic creation, a unity of artistic conception and artistic expression. Designers generally have an idea and vision first, and then collect information to determine the design plan. The main content of the program includes: the overall style of clothing, theme, shape, color, fabric, supporting design of clothing items, etc. At the same time, careful and rigorous consideration should be given to internal structure design, size determination, specific cutting, sewing and processing techniques, etc., to ensure that the final finished work can fully reflect the original design intention.


One Fashion Design

The conception of fashion design is a very active thinking activity. The conception usually takes a period of thinking to be gradually formed, and it may also be inspired by a certain aspect of triggering. Everything in social life such as flowers, grass, insects and fish in nature, mountains and rivers, historical sites, paintings and sculptures in the field of literature and art, dance music and ethnic customs can provide designers with endless sources of inspiration. New materials continue to emerge, constantly enriching the designer's expression style. The Great Thousand World provides infinitely broad materials for clothing design concepts, and designers can dig out themes from various aspects. In the process of conception, the designer can express the thinking process by sketching clothing sketches, and through modification and supplementation, after more mature consideration, the designer can draw a detailed clothing design drawing.

Two drawing clothing design

Drawing clothing renderings is an important means of expressing design ideas, so clothing designers need to have a good foundation in art, and use various painting techniques to reflect the clothing effect of the human body. Clothing renderings are regarded as an important symbol to measure the creative ability, design level and artistic accomplishment of fashion designers, and more and more designers are paying more and more attention to them.

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Post time: Mar-29-2023