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Choose a high quality hoodies

Firstly, there has been a popular styling issue in recent years, as people prefer to wear the oversize version because the oversized version covers the body comfortably and is easy to wear, There are also many luxury trends that are popular due to the oversize version and logo design.

The weight of a hoodie fabric is generally between 180-600g, 320-350g in autumn, and over 360g in winter. The heavyweight fabric can enhance the silhouette of the hoodie with the texture of the upper body. If the fabric of the hoodie is too light, we can simply pass it off, as these hoodies are often more prone to pilling.

320-350g suitable for autumn wear, and 500g suitable for cold winter wear.





The materials used for the hoodie fabric include 100% cotton, polyester cotton blend, polyester,  spandex,  mercerized cotton, and viscose.

Among them, combed pure cotton is the best, while polyester and nylon are the cheapest. High quality hoodie will use combed pure cotton as the raw material, while the cheapest sweaters often choose pure polyester as the raw material.

Good hoodie have a cotton content of over 80%, while hoodies with high cotton content are soft to the touch and less prone to pilling. Moreover, hoodies with high cotton content have good warmth retention and can resist the invasion of some cold air.


Let’s talk about a consumption concept: buying a very cheap piece of clothing doesn’t make you wear it very much, but it wears out quickly. If you buy a slightly more expensive piece of clothing that is often worn and durable, how would you choose? I believe most people are smart people and will choose the latter. This is the point I want to make.

Secondly, there are many printing processes on the market, which are constantly emerging. Many high weight sweaters have no design sense at all, and the printing also falls off after washing a few times. It is difficult to solve the problem of the pattern but also loses the printing process. There are many printing processes on the market, such as silk screen, 3D embossing,  hot transfer prinitng, digital printing, and sublimation. The printing process also directly determines the texture of hoodie.

In summary, a good hoodie=high weight, good material, good design, and good printing.




Post time: Jul-15-2023