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Choosing the suitable t shirt based on the neck style

        No matter in which season, we can always see the traces of T-shirts which can be worn inside and outside. Especially in the summer, T-shirts is much loved by the public with its natural comfort, fresh and breathable advantages .

       T shirt has many styles .But there are just several kinds of neck for it .Let me give you a brief introduction .

       1. Round neck t shirt

round neck t shirt

       Round collar refers to the collar with semicircular corners, also known as rounded collar.Crew neck T-shirt is the most visible item in our daily life and it match anyone .Round neck T-shirt is a round neckline, hem, cuffs, color, pattern, fabric and shape do not have too many requirements, so it is the most active category of summer clothing, from home to popular clothing .T-shirts can be freely matched, as long as the choice of the same style of clothing, you can wear a popular style and different mood.

       2. V neck t shirt

       V-neck refers to the neckline wide at the top and pointed at the bottom, showing a V-shape.V-neck t shirt function as lengthens the line of the neck .It shows off your collarbone better than a crew-neck t shirt and is a great way to line your chin to your chest.Also we can design different effect of t shirt based on the depth of v neck showing the beauty better .

cotton spandex v-neck t shirt

       3. Polo neck t shirt

      Polo collar T-shirt is a very stylish single product among many styles.It has the comfort of a T-shirt, also let the T-shirt a little more capable temperament, conforming the simple nature of elegant and generous.


4. U neck t shirt

       U neck t shirt is mainly used for women t shirt which has a very slim fit style.From a round neck to a U-shaped neck, a round neck has a better visual effect of elongating the face .

U neck t shirt

       5.Square neck t shirt

       Square collar refers to a collar with square corners .It helps you show off your beauty better .

       No matter what kind of neck of the t shirt is ,choosing the suitable and comfortable is the most important .

Post time: Jul-05-2023