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Design your own logo -common logo technique for clothes

         Logo is the foreign language abbreviation of logo or trademark, and the abbreviation of logotype, which plays a role in the identification and promotion of the company’s logo. Through the image logo, consumers can remember the company’s main body and brand culture.Generally for customized clothing, whether it is customized by individuals or enterprises, more or less will be marked with their own logo pattern or text .As for the final use of the process, it depends on the fabric of the clothing, printing pattern and other factors . Let us introduce some common logo technique for knitted clothes:

        1.Silk screen printing

        Screen printing belongs to hole plate printing, that is the use of mesh glue to seal the excess gauze area, leaving the needed image or text, through a certain pressure to make the ink through the hole plate holes transferred to the clothes, forming an image or text. It is the most widely used clothing printing techniques.It includes water based printing ,rubber printing ,foaming printing ,discharge printing and so on .

        2.Heat transfer printing and sublimation

       Thermal transfer is the combination of heat and transfer media to create personalized T-shirts. The transfer medium comes in the form of vinyl and transfer paper . Finally, vinyl or transfer paper is put into a cutter or plotter to cut the shape of the design and transfer to the T-shirt using a hot press machine .



        Embroidery also known as “needle embroidery”. Drawing colored thread (silk, velvet, thread) with embroidery needle, according to the design pattern, embroidering the needle on the fabric, to embroider the pattern or text, is one of the excellent national traditional crafts. With the development of computer technology, modern computer embroidery from abroad into China, the use of professional computer embroidery software computer programming method to design patterns and needle sequence, and eventually achieve mass production of embroidery products .The Common types of embroidery are flat embroidery, 3D embroidery and applique embroidery 


      4.Digital printing

      Digital printing is the pattern through the digital form input to the computer, through the computer printing color separation system (CAD) editing processing, and then controlled by the computer micro-piezoelectric ink jet nozzle to directly spray the special dye on the textile to form the required pattern.

No matter what kind of process, there are advantages and disadvantages, according to their own clothing style, fabric type, printing pattern, choose the most suitable one is the best .

Post time: Jun-19-2023