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Dopamine Dressing

The meaning of ”dopamine dress” is to create a pleasant dress style through clothing matching. It is to coordinate high-saturation colors and seek coordination and balance in bright colors. Colorful, sunshine, vitality is synonymous with “dopamine wear”, to convey to people a pleasant, happy mood .Dressing bright ,feeling right ! It’s a new style that makes you not only fashionable but also happy .

There are many factors that affect dopamine production, the first is color. Color psychology believes that people’s first feeling is vision, and the biggest impact on vision is color, so color can objectively produce a stimulus to people, thereby affecting our emotions.

In summer ,bright colors and patterns are great, and visually bring happy dopamine factors in the body .

Green represents growth and nature .Green open shirt with white T shirt inside, the lower body is the same color shorts and small white shoes, fruit green full frame sunglasses are very jump off and street trees constitute a fresh scenery.


Yellow represents joy and bright .Wearing a yellow Polo shirt with yellow shorts and a yellow hat, and even the shared bike on the roadside became an accessory.

Pink represents romance and caring .Wearing a pink crop top tee with jeans ,it looks cheerful ,casual and romantic .

Blue represents peaceful and trust .Blue can not only bring out the fair skin, but also reflect the advanced sense, the healing color is always the most favorite.Pairing a loose blue T-shirt with a comfy, high-waisted slit denim skirt is simple and every beautiful .


Purple represents honor and wisdom .Wearing purple clothes has a very lively feeling on the body, coupled with some other colors, exudes the charm of full youth.

Red represents passion and ambition .Wearing a short tank top, bottom with a pair of shorts, looks very hot.

Of course, if you can mix and match colors, it is often the most eye-catching, and the colors are well matched to appear more advanced.

Post time: Sep-14-2023