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Fashionable logo technique for clothes

          Last article ,we have introduced some common logo technique .Now we want to supplement other logo technique which makes clothes more fashionable .

         1. 3D embossed printing :

        3D embossing technology for garments is to form a fixed, never deformed concave and convex effect on the surface of the cloth, to achieve the purpose of beauty and practicality .

       2. EL light printing :

       Luminous printing is the printing of patterns on the printed fabric to present a sparkling luminous effect .There are glow in the dark printing ,Fluorescent printing and son on .

       3. Golden or silver printing :

       Hot stamping is a printing and decoration process. The principle is to heat the metal plate, apply foil, and imprint gold words or patterns on the print.The principle of hot silver process is basically the same as hot gold, but the materials selected by the two are certain different, in appearance: one has a golden luster, and one has a silver luster.

       4.Beaded :

       Clothing flash brick is a very important clothing beautification process, by adding glitter, diamonds and other decorations on the surface of the clothing, can add a more dazzling effect to the clothing. This process consists of several stages and must be carried out carefully to achieve a high quality work.

       5.Puff printing

       Foam printing is known as three-dimensional printing.Foam printing process is developed on the basis of the rubber printing .Its principle is to add a certain proportion of high expansion coefficient of chemical substances in the glue printing dye, the printing position after drying with 200-300 degrees of high temperature foaming, to achieve a similar “relief” three-dimensional effect .

       6.discharge printing

       Discharge printing is printed on the dyed fabric, containing reducing agents or oxidants to destroy the ground color and partial white or colored pattern.The fabric color of discharge printing is full, the pattern is detailed and precise, and the outline is clear, but the cost is high, the production process is long and complex and the equipment occupies a lot of land, so it is mostly used for high-grade printed fabrics .

        7.Flock printing

         Flocking printing process in simple terms, the object that needs to be flocking is first treated, and then coated with glue, and then the flocking machine will spray the fluff onto the glue layer, so that the fiber is adsorbed to the pattern that is brushed with glue paste and stands up, and then dried, and finally remove the float.

       In conclusion ,no matter what kind of process, there are advantages and disadvantages .According to their own clothing style, fabric type, printing pattern, choose the most suitable one is the best .

Post time: Aug-07-2023