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Hoodie wearing skills

 Summer is over and the autumn and winter is coming .People likes wearing hoodie and sweatshirts . It looks beautiful and versatile element no matter the hoodie is inside or outside.

Now,I will recommend a few common hoodie matching guidelines:

1. Hoodie and skirt

(1) Choosing a simple, plain hoodie and pairing with a pleated black skirt to pull off a basic look. Long dress does not pick the figure and leg shape, with the hoodie can be tucked into the skirt, small girls can also show high waist line .

(2) Also you can also wear a white sweater over your shoulders, and the whole person has a unique retro artistic temperament immediately .

(3) In addition ,Hoodie and one short pleated skirt is another style. Short pleated skirts are full of school youth .

hoodie and skirt

2. Fold your hoodie

 When choosing a hoodie, we can pick a larger size, and wear it on the body with an oversize feeling. Many people feel that it looks no spirit when wearing too loose hoodie. But in fact, you can increase the beauty of hoodie wearing through the method of folding .

(1) You can choose a hoodie with a lace hem folded underneath. Matching elegant and soft lace and casual retro hoodie , It has a different flavor .

(2) The folding of hoodies and shirts can be said the classic of the classic. the neckline, cuffs and hem of the solid color hoodie reveal a little striped shirt edge .It shows modern and simple , casual and with personality.

fold your hoodie

3. Hoodie and pants

(1) Now many girls also wear hoodies as sportswear, and hoodies do have an athleisure temperament. So it is also particularly suitable for yoga pants .Wearing an oversize hoodie with a black yoga pants and then with a pair of white stockings, wide and narrow on the principle of pinched, It reveals Korean little sister atmosphere.

(2) Hoodie can also be matched with suit pants .Putting on black crew neck hoodie with the same color suit pants, the whole is very unified coordination ,wearing a pair of white high heels, you will have a workplace style immediately.

(3) Hoodie with jeans is an absolutely infallible formula, no matter what the size of your body ,you can try .

hoodie and pants

The reason why we like hoodies is that we like a relaxed, relaxed and comfortable attitude to life. In fact, it is very simple to wear, a hoodie can wear a variety of styles. Wear your personality this fall and winter.

Post time: Sep-05-2023