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How much do you know about cotton yarn ?

       T-shirts used a wide range of materials such as cotton, silk,polyester,bamboo ,rayon ,viscose, blended fabrics and so on .The most common fabric is 100% cotton .Pure cotton T-shirt whose material used is generally 100% cotton has the advantages of breathable, soft, comfortable, cool, sweat absorption, heat dissipation and so on. Therefore the general purchase of T-shirts is pure cotton T-shirts.Do you know the species of cotton yarn ,how to distinguish the good cotton t shirt ?

     There are many ways to classify the cotton yarn ,let me introduce :

    1.According to the thickness of yarn :① thick cotton yarn ,Below 17S yarn ,it belong to thick yarn .For 17S-28S yarn ,it belong to medium yarn. ②spun yarn ,Above 28S yarn (such as 32S ,40S ) ,it belong to spun yarn .The feeling for spun yarn is better than thick yarn .

     2.According to the spinning principle :Free end spinning (such as air spinning);Both ends holding spinning (such as ring spun spinning)

3.According to the grade of cotton distribution:① General comb yarn: It is a ring spindle yarn spun by spinning process without combing process, which is used for general needles and woven fabrics; ② Combed yarn: with good quality cotton fiber as raw materials, spinning than the comb yarn to increase a combing process, spun yarn quality is good, used for weaving high-grade fabrics.

    4.According to yarn dyeing and finishing and post-processing:① Natural color yarn (also known as primary color yarn) : maintain the natural color of the fiber for weaving primary color grey cloth; ② Dyed yarn: the color yarn produced by boiling and dyeing the primary color yarn is used for yarn-dyed fabric; (3) color spinning yarn (including mixed color yarn) : first dyeing the fiber, and then spinning the yarn, can be woven into the appearance of irregular dots and patterns of textiles; ④ Bleached yarn: with primary color yarn through refining and bleaching, used to weave bleached cloth, can also be mixed with dyed yarn into a variety of yarn-dyed products; ⑤ Mercerized yarn: cotton yarn treated with mercerization. There are mercerized bleached and mercerized dyed yarn for weaving high-grade colored fabrics .

   5. According to twist direction:① Backhand twist (also known as Z-twist) yarn, the most widely used in a variety of fabrics; ② Smooth twist (also known as S twist) yarn, used for weaving the weft of flannel.

   6.According to the spinning equipment: ring spinning, air spinning (OE), Siro spinning, compact spinning, spinning cup spinning and so on.

The grade of yarn mainly reflects the difference in thickness and appearance defects of yarn, which directly affects the appearance of fabric, such as the uniformity of grain, clarity and the size of shadow.

Post time: Jul-21-2023