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        You don’t have to dress head-to-toe like a goth to appreciate a nice black t-shirt. Just like black jeans and a black dress, a black tee is flattering and perfect for everyday wear when you need a stylish minimalist look. But that doesn’t mean they’re all created the same, and with countless searches in various sizes and sleeve options, we asked a group of stylish women what simple black t-shirts they buy and dream about. Whether you’re looking for a cropped, slim-fitting, slightly sheer silhouette or the perfect T-shirt to tuck into high-rise jeans, we’ve got you covered. In covering this story, we heard more about some brands and specific black t-shirts than others. So this list starts with three t-shirts that got a few recommendations, and then the other recommended black t-shirts are grouped by style, from v-neck to crew neck, cropped and square cut.
        No brand pops up as often as Buck Mason when people talk to people about their favorite black t-shirts. Her T-shirts were recommended to us by four people, including four of The Strategist’s employees, one of whom (Lisa Corsillo) is the author of this story. “I’ve loved Buck Mason t-shirts for years and enjoy wearing men’s t-shirts and saving them for special occasions so they don’t wear out,” she says. But she started wearing the style after the label’s recent womenswear collection. “It’s just as good as the men’s version, with one exception: it fits my body perfectly.” The co-author of this story (Chloe Anello) is the second fan of the T-shirt, which is made from soft, breathable pima. cotton Made and cut to size. Another of our writers, Dominique Parisot, is a huge fan and calls the Buck Mason T-shirts “fantastic.”
        For those who prefer a more personalized fit, this piece from Buck Mason also deserves a look. Aishwarya Iyer, founder and CEO of the Brightland olive oil brand, describes it as “soft, comfortable and perfect for home or on the go.” fit: it doesn’t feel too tight anywhere, especially under the arms, and just hangs in a cool and simple way.” Both love to wear it with high-rise jeans; faded black Levi’s.”
        Many people (of all kinds) have recommended Everlane T-shirts to us because they are worth the money. Taylor Glynn, Allure’s beauty and health editor, says the brand’s square-cut tee is her favorite black tee. She says she has “a big bust and small ribs, so some T-shirts might look weird on me: too loose and the shirt sticks out under the bra; too tight and my chest is too tight.” The shirt was somehow perfectly proportioned. Strategy writer Ambar Pardilla agrees: “I’ve always had a hard time finding T-shirts because I have big boobs and a petite build,” she says. She was impressed with the quality of the construction, saying that the Everlane t-shirts “wash very well, don’t shrink or lose saturation, which is very important for a black t-shirt.” Brooklyn-based manufacturer Chelsea Scott appreciates the value proposition: “It looks great with high-waisted trousers,” she adds, “and looks a bit retro. “
        Scott’s second favorite black T-shirt is the Madewell V-neck T-shirt. “Madewell t-shirts are super soft and perfect for simple, understated outfits.”
        The V-neck was recommended by Los Angeles-based art critic Kat Kron, whose policy is to only wear V-neck T-shirts. “A linen V-neck J.Crew tee won’t cling to you, but will easily fall off you (like you’re Lauren Hutton),” she says. “The knotty linen makes it dressy, which goes great with tailored trousers, but I love that it can be machine washed and air dried.”
        Anello, a T-shirt connoisseur of no less than 50, recently updated her collection with this crew-neck classic from AG Jeans. She describes it as a must-have accessory that is “super soft and form-fitting, but not too tight.”
        “As someone who only wears black (I know that this is a typical New Yorker), I am picky about black T-shirts,” says author Mary Anderson. “Clothes need to be breathable (i.e. cotton) so that I don’t sweat when I get off the train and it needs some form (i.e. some kind of synthetic material). H&M clothes are surprisingly durable and for about $15 I can buy them. three to four pieces and replace as needed.
        When not wearing a black Buck Mason t-shirt, Anello loves this one made from recycled materials. “It’s very good quality,” she promises, noting that “many artists like Bon Iver and André 3000 use this brand” for their merchandise. The t-shirts come in unisex sizes, so you don’t have to go up in size for a well-worn everyday look, she adds. Bon Appétit Assistant Print Editor Bettina Macalinthal likes the T-shirt’s heavier weight, but adds that it doesn’t feel stiff. “Even if it’s new, it’s going to be a bit worn – in a good way,” she says.
        Designer Chelsea Lee loves this classic crew-neck tee from & Other Stories. “It’s just what you need to relax without looking out of place,” she says. It’s made from 100% organic cotton and is available in white and summer lilac (if you want to try something other than black).
        Felicia Kang, a high school history teacher, loves her James Perse T-shirt, which she admits is “a little pricey, but I got it on sale.” wear it with jeans, but you can easily dress it up.” It’s made from recycled cotton jersey that feels light and airy the first time you put it on.
        If you’re looking for Tom in black t-shirts, this is what you need and more. “The company plants a tree with every purchase and I love the length of the sleeves,” said Danielle Swift, an artist who works as a project manager for a digital retouching studio.
        “I love this T-shirt,” says educator Terrill Kaplan of his translucent spare T-shirt. “She’s so soft and comfortable. I’ve always liked the oversized t-shirt and it’s perfect. Mine even got holes over time, but I didn’t think about getting rid of it.”
        Lynette Nylander, executive editorial director of Dazed, thinks minimalist Swedish label Totême has perfected the T-shirt. This oversized silhouette features subtle seams on each side, yet maintains a casual look. “Elegant enough to wear,” she says, “but simple enough to wear every day.” Nylander says the black Totême jersey is perfectly tailored.
        New York Magazine collaborating editor Kathy Schneider, a self-proclaimed T-shirt fanatic, buys quality over quantity. One of her favorites is a square 1950s Re/Done x Hanes T-shirt: “You imagine that this T-shirt can be bought for $15 in a vintage store, but it’s not. You will never regret purchasing it. “
        “I have about six of them,” says former Strategist senior editor Casey Lewis of this cropped T-shirt from Urban Outfitters. At first, she was attracted by the lower price, but when she put it on, she said, the T-shirt was not cheap at all. “Very chunky and perfectly tailored,” she described it, adding, “As a person with a large bust, a cropped round neckline often makes me look boxy and sloppy, but not this one!”
        Chef Tara Thomas says her favorite black cropped t-shirts, while expensive, are “made from natural fibers like cotton that stand the test of time.” It’s better to invest in the fit – “it’s thin, so great for hot days and easy to layer” – and its versatility. “It goes well with everything,” promises Thomas.
        Anello admits she only bought the T-shirt to meet Target’s minimum requirement for free shipping. But after wearing it on an 85-degree day, she fell in love with it and bought two more. “It’s very light, so I don’t sweat when I walk my dog ​​in the heat,” she says. And “the length is just over my bike shorts” (but since they’re not cropped, they’re just “shrunken,” she points out, and you’ll still have to roll up your high-waisted pants a bit).
        Los Angeles-based photographer and filmmaker Dana Bulos admires the iconic Entireworld T-shirts for their comfortable fit and sleeves that make them stand out. Sadly, the brand is no more, but Bowles is happy to have found a replacement in Los Angeles Apparel boyfriend’s matching boxy T-shirts for those long days she’s walking around the set.
        Check out the loose fit crew neck version of this Everlane T-shirt that ranks in our best (and cheapest) spot. Recommended by photographer and content creator Ashley Reddy, it has a lower neckline to better expose the bust and is slightly longer. Reddy calls it “easy to style and easy to care for” thanks to its 100 percent cotton material, which she says is durable.
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        Each product is independently selected by (intrusive) editors. We may earn commissions on items you purchase through our links.

Post time: Apr-26-2023