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T-shirt wearing tips

Reasons to dress up every day is not to see anyone.It’s that I’m in a good mood today .Please yourself first, then others.Life can be ordinary, but wear can not be boring.Some clothes are made to conform to life but some clothes have magic powers.It doesn’t have to speak .It’s already made you realize how beautiful you are .

A simple T-shirt may make you feel monotonous. But in the hot summer, no matter how many new styles of clothing are introduced to the market each year, the most classic and most versatile is the T-shirt.Matching the same T-shirt with different pants or skirts can create a different style. Next let’s look at some summer T-shirt matching tips .

Tip 1: Build the artifact ratio

For ordinary people who do not have a demon body, the most important thing to wear is to create a “fake body”. Even girls who are more fleshy can create a slim feeling by dressing.So, what can be done to achieve this effect ?

Bare waistline ———Waist line is the standard to judge a girl’s figure. If you want to look thin, then you must not choose too wide collocation. You must leak the waistline properly. Not only can you slim down, but also you can lengthen your legs. In addition to choosing a high-waisted style, exposing the waist line can also be embellished with tricks such as wearing a belt or tucking clothes into the bottom. This method is simple, can effectively separate the waist line, and can be very easy.

T shirt wearing

Tip 2: Get the color and refuse to wear the “Christmas tree”

As we all know, it is best to wear no more than three colors. Once there are too many colors, the whole outfit will look cluttered, like a Christmas tree with lots of cluttered accessories.So how can you prevent this from happening? You can choose between complementary colors and similar colors. For example, if you choose a darker color on your upper body, you can choose a lighter color on your lower body. For example, the upper body should choose a more complex pattern, and the lower body should be matched with a simple solid color style.

 Tip 3: Learn to accessorize properly.

Increase the sense of fashion, a good accessory is essential, the embellishment of different accessories, can create a completely different feeling of wearing.

Here are four combinations for t shirt wearing :

1. Only one garment is exposed;

2. Top short bottom long, top long bottom short;

3. Simple on the bottom complex, complex on the bottom simple;

4. Tighten at the top and loosen at the bottom

T shirt wearing2

Post time: Aug-24-2023