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The catalogue of hoodie material

As the coming of autumn and winter .People like to wear hoodie and sweatshirts .When choosing a good and comfortable hoodie , the choice of fabric is also important in addition to the design itself .Next, let’s share the fabrics commonly used in the fashion hoodie sweatshirt.

1.French terry

This kind of fabric feels good .It function as moisture wicking and has a certain thickness and good warmth, wearing casually and easily .The fabric body is firm, with slight elasticity, and has better wearing performance. The fabric process is stable, and it is used more in the market at present, which is suitable for spring and autumn season. It is recommended to choose 100% cotton or more than 60% cotton content.The disadvantage is that it has shrinkage problems and is easy to wrinkle .

french terry


Fleece hoodie is a fleece treatment in the hoodie fabric to present a plush feeling and increase the weight and comfort of the fabric which is suitable for autumn and winter. The fabric composition is generally poly-cotton blended or cotton, and the gram weight is generally 320-450 grams.


3.Polar fleece

Polar Fleece hoodie is a kind of hoodie cloth, but the bottom is made of polar process, so that the fabric is more thick and warm, feel full and thick. Because of the cost and fiber characteristics, the cotton content of the polar sweatshirt is not too high, and the bottom is mostly made of artificial fiber, so the sweat absorption effect is not high,it is not suitable for long-term exercise, and it is inevitable to pilling for a long time to wear and wash.

polar fleece

4.Sherpa fleece

Surface imitation lamb wool effect, The fabric is fluffy and breathable performance is good, feel soft and elastic. After high temperature washing, so it is not easy to deformation, good wear resistance, high tensile. The disadvantage is that the wearing effect is more bloated, it is recommended to wear outside.

sherpa fleece

5.Silver Fox Velvet

The fabric elasticity of silver fox velvet is good and it has character of fine texture, soft and comfortable, no pilling and no fading. The disadvantage is that there will be a small amount of hair loss, not very breathable.

Silver Fox Velvet



Post time: Sep-27-2023